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From the rainforest area of Andasibe we travelled back towards Tana and joined the RN7, the national highway that runs from Tana in the central highlands to Toliara on the south west coast. On the way to Ambositra we saw the traditional houses and tombs of the Merina. The area around Ambohibary was flat with plantations of rice and vegetables. People of the “potato blowers” live here and supply the east and west coasts of Madagascar with their produce. Antsirabe means salty place due to the surrounding hots springs. The town was built by missionaries from Norway who came to live here in the late 19th century. It is also known as the city of the 'pousse-pousse'. This third largest town in Madagascar has lovely old hotels and colonial buildings and is the birth place of Armand (our tour leader). Gem stones are mined in the surrounding area. We visited the sacred volcanic crater lake of Tritriva and were invited into a local family home. Continuing through the highlands we entered the land of the Betsileo. Our next stay was at Ambositra the capital of woodcarving where we watched master carvers at work. In Ambositra we stayed at SAF JFKM mission run by a protestant church. SAF (Sampana Asa Fampandrosoana) run projects to help the rural people. The local people entertained us with traditional dances.